Chinese Language Classes in Delhi


Chinese people use different Chinese languages classified as dialects. The Chinese languages have many regional languages included in it such as Mandarin, Hakka, Wu, Yue, han, Minbei (Fuzhou). Mandarin is considered to be the most prominent and official standard Chinese and Taiwanese languages. Sino-Tibetan family of languages includes Chinese. Chinese has Chinese characters known as logograms. Different kinds of Chinese languages have different pronunciations of Chinese characters. It is a very old language somewhat around 3500 years ago. There are no alphabets in the Chinese but pronunciation has to be understood. In the business world, the Chinese have a lot of significance. The reasons being china’s involvement in almost everything worldwide. It must be learned as a second language. Countries like China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan use Chinese as their language.

Among Chinese languages, Mandarin gains top priority because a large number of businesspeople speak Mandarin. The language is subdivided into Northern mandarin, northwestern Mandarin, Southwestern Mandarin, and southern Mandarin. The words are monosyllables. The tones of Mandarin language tones help in differentiating syllables and words from the usage of the same vowels and consonants. The four tones of mandarin language- high and level, rising m falling then rising and falling is the first step in learning this language. While taking the course for Chinese languages the tutor needs to have a strong cultural and geographical knowledge about the country. This would make the learner easier to grasp the language.

Learning to write the Chinese language in itself is a challenging task as there are more than 80000 Chinese characters out of which only a few are used frequently. It is important to understand the elements behind the characters. The Chinese characters have different styles which are used according to the purpose of writing. The simplified form of writing is used in China While the traditional form of writing is used in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Doubling the number of characters to be learned helps in becoming a native speaker. Remembering them and then writing is a tough and challenging task.

Why Should Learn Chinese Language?

  • Knowing Chinese language creates massive opportunities.
  • You will be able to communicate with largest population in the world.
  • It helps you to know about history and culture of China.
  • Make friends with different cultures .
  • It can boost your career in business.
  • Learning Chinese language improves your brain power.
  • It is not as hard as you think.
  • It is most spoken language in the world
  • Chinese language is easy and interesting.
  • It helps you to gain competitive advantages professionally.

Career opportunities:

An expert in the Chinese language with written and verbal skills will benefit hugely in the Chinese market if he or she is a farsighted business person. Many travel opportunities are available in Taiwan and china if one is proficient in Mandarin or any other Chinese language. There are many different jobs which need proficient Chinese language ability. For instant becoming a trainer or teacher of Chinese language is a popular choice that most learners of Chinese language desire to be and Moreover, becoming English trainer in Chinese speaking countries is another well paid job that one may apply for. There are many more jobs that Chinese learners may apply such as transcriber, interpreter, translator , research analyst, international marketing expert, counselor and etc.

Chinese Classes at Multilingua:

Leading institutes such as Multilingua, Chinese Language Classes in Delhi, must be chosen to make oneself certain he or she is learning precisely. Multilingua offers Chinese Language Classes in Delhi, with flexible timings, proper monitoring by professional native and non-native Chinese language trainers and with a proper batch system with weekend classes as well. Multilingua also offers the Chinese Language Classes in Delhi with highest scholarship and discount especially for those trainees who are keen to build their career in this language. We at Multilingua also provide all the study materials and helping students to register themselves for their Chinese Language Proficiency test. Our study materials are up to date and we follow the latest methods of teaching and training. Chinese language Classes in Delhi is fun with Multilingua as we are located in the heart of the city and we provide the support during the training program. We are also known as one of the leading institute for Chinese Language Classes in Delhi and we also provide Chinese Language Classes online and one may join from any part of the world. Multilingua also assist students to find their dream jobs after completing their course successfully and if you are the one who is looking to make your dreams true join today Chinese Language Classes in Delhi at Multilingua Saket.

List of Chinese Companies in India:

India has one of the largest growing world markets and there are many different multinational corporations operating successfully in the country. Talking about Chinese origin companies, the country has large number of Chinese companies which are having their subsidiaries in different parts of India in particular Delhi NCR. For instance companies like Oppo, Vivo, Huawei, Motorola, Lenovo, wechat, Tik Tok, Vigo Video, Alibaba Group, Volvo, TCL, Harbin and many more are some of successful companies having their large share in Indian marketplace.

The students are Welcome to come at their own flexible timings. The trainers are available all the time to monitor and train the students.

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Busy professionals can opt for weekend classes. The classes on weekends are tailored to meet the convenient timings of professionals.

There is focus on individual students. Every class is catered to meet the students individual needs and performance potential.

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